Welcome to my online Curriculum Vitae. This exists because I have recently updated my CV and am getting a lot of phone calls and emails about it. I figured, as people are reading it I should probably have a website of some kind because very little of the work I do is publicly accessible. And let's be honest, what is a web developer without some kind of a website. Scroll down or use the navigation links on the left to read of my CV.

Contact Details

123 Van Road,
CF83 1LA
07762 215847
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Skill Set

Front-end Development

I have over nine years of professional experience (sixteen years personal experience) developing front-ends and reports using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Several years’ professional experience working with libraries such as jQuery, PrototypeJS and Twitter's Bootstrap. I have some experience with and have managed a project which used AngularJS.
Compatability & Accessibility
I have a strong understanding of the >W3C WAI recommendations and the importance of standards when it comes to cross-browser compatibility. Even recent environments I have worked in have understood that there are many organisations who simply can' or won't upgrade from IE6
Mobile web
Over two years professional experience building responsive web applications and believe in most instances a mobile first approach is best.
I have developed a number of WinForms based applications which have been used in environments as varied as airfields and cheese factories.

Back-end Development

.NET Framework
Most of my career has been spent working with the .NET Framework. I have an excellent understanding of MVC, Entity Framework and LINQ. I like to take an API based approach and have many years’ experience building and consuming RESTful services. I have also built Windows Services and using the WCF.
I have many years' professional experience with PHP. Whilst it's mostly in building WordPress plug-ins and themes, I have developed PHP solutions from the ground up. I have some experience with CakePHP and the Laravel framework. I am working as a mentor and support development manager for a backup product written in PHP which is currently in use in over half a million live websites.
I have personal experience with Node.js using Express.js. Although this is personal experience I would class JavaScript as one of my strongest languages.


SQL Server
I have over six years’ experience designing SQL Server databases, writing complex queries and stored procedures and designing large relational databases.
I have over three years’ experience working with Oracle databases, writing complex stored procedures in PL/SQL against IFS (a large ERP).
I have over three years’ experience with setting up and designing MySQL databases.
I have experimented with MongoDB for a personal project.


Version Control
I have over eight years’ professional experience using various version control systems such as Subversion, git and Team Foundation Server as well as setting up TeamCity for an automatic build-on-commit system.
Cloud Hosting
I have experience deploying to and managing Windows Azure. This includes Virtual Servers, Web Apps, Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables, and Queues), WebJobs, and SQL Azure.

Work Experience

xibo Marketing

Chief Technology Officer | March 2015 to Present

My role at xibo is to build the company’s technological infrastructure by identifying opportunities for improving current business processes, designing new systems and rapid prototypes for new products, and building a unifying system which brings together all aspects of the business. I work closely with the CEO, advising on all things technological as well as identifying technical challenges and business opportunities. I meet regularly with the other heads of department to understand their current challenges and offer technical solutions where possible.

I have been in charge of the recruitment process to grow the technology department into a thriving team full of diverse expertise and ideas. This has helped me identify the specialist skills and areas of interest in developers which I then use to help keep their work rewarding and fruitful. I operate an Agile development environment and make the most of the ALM tools Visual Studio Online has to offer. Discussion and show-and-tells are strongly encouraged and each member of the team in their individual reviews have stated they have learned a lot since working in this environment.

On top of the software side of things I have set up a basic support infrastructure for the company and turned a disparate network of computers into a fully-fledged Active Directory environment using Samba on Ubuntu as a Domain Controller whilst planning and coordinating a site wide IT refresh.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

Senior Software Developer | October 2010 to March 2015

During my time at SCVO I have worked on a number of exciting projects including: building the proxy voting system for the National Trust of Scotland's Board of Directors; a scholarship application builder and processing system for Glasgow Caledonian University and maintaining and supporting an email campaign system for a number of UK charities. I worked closely with clients on external projects and built many excellent relationships with our internal clients through a very hands on design process and a quickly iterative development process. As I generally had to work on these on my own, I had the chance to experiment and innovate along the way. The last 9 months in this role I worked remotely which has helped me gain very strong discipline as a developer.

Cooper Software Ltd

Senior Software Developer | February 2007 to October 2010

I began as the third employee of Cooper Software Ltd, which grew to a team of eighteen by the time I left. I started as an ASP.NET developer, but my responsibilities grew quickly with the company and I developed Windows Services and Forms based applications for a number of clients as well as designing and maintaining the company’s web site. They specialise in extending and improving various organisations’ IFS instances and building Business to Business systems. I learned a lot about working with large scale business systems and managing projects through their full life cycle, including after care support and relevant documentation using Agile methodologies.

Somerset County Council

Web and Intranet Developer | June to December 2006

My three month contract was extended to six months to help organise and improve the Health and Social Care system by building an interface to their Oracle back-end to integrate it with their existing E-Forms system. During this time I refactored their Intranet site and moved all content into a custom CMS system. As this was being built for the council, there was great focus on following W3C coding and accessibility standards.

Sedgemoor Citizens Advice Bureau

Web Designer and Technician | January to July 2006

This was initially a voluntary web design position to build a web presence for Sedgemoor’s Citizens Advice Bureau. I soon became involved in improving the network’s infrastructure, taking it from several scattered machines and an unused Windows Server to a fully functioning Active Directory network.

Specialist Computer Centres

First Line Support Technician | November 2004 to November 2005

I worked in a team of technicians on an IT service desk. This gave me experience in taking and resolving calls, following up incidents, working to tight SLAs, giving advice and help with a number of software packages, basic network administration and providing technical support and advice to on-site engineers with various pieces of hardware.


Professional August 2004
CompTIA A+ Hardware and Operating Systems
CompTIA Network+
Further July 2004
A-Level Computer Science
A-Level Information and Communication Technology
Secondary July 2002
8 GCSEs! including English, Maths and Science at grade B